BIMM partners with Black Lives in Music to launch BLiM Connect Industry Mentoring Scheme

6 May, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that BIMM is embarking on a brand new partnership with Black Lives in Music (BLiM) to offer mentoring opportunities to selected students. The scheme will start in September 2022 and applications are currently open to final-year students of colour at BIMM Institute.

The aim of the scheme is to empower the next generation of music creators and industry professionals. Over the course of the year, each mentee will receive two hours of mentoring per month, additional vocational opportunities and involvement in other BLiM career-enhancing activities. It really is a fantastic opportunity and we at BIMM couldn’t be prouder to be the exclusive partner for this mentoring programme.

BLiM are an organisation whose mission is to combat racism, unite organisations and musicians, and create a truly inclusive and diverse music industry. We hope that this scheme will advance the careers of students of colour as we strive to diversify the creative sector.

This is the inaugural roll-out of the scheme and both BIMM and BLiM are committed to improving the landscape of the music industry and changing the status quo. That’s why we’ll be looking for opportunities to grow and develop this programme, building an inclusive infrastructure that benefits as many students as possible in future.

“We’re really excited to work in partnership with BIMM on this very important initiative.  This is a tough industry, it’s competitive and that conjures up real challenges for people of colour as detailed in our recent report: Being Black in the UK music industry Report.”

This initiative will help the industry by being of benefit to both mentors and mentees.  It will build relationships, change perceptions and break down barriers.  We believe that in the long term, this will play a part in transforming the culture in the industry. We’re looking forward to supporting the young people involved and working with BIMM to champion change.’ Roger Wilson, Director of Operations Black Lives in Music

“At BIMM, and across higher education, we acknowledge that there is a gap in access, attainment, and continuation for students of colour – one we are working hard to eliminate. BLiM are challenging and educating the industry, paving the way for people of colour to make their mark. That’s why it’s such an incredible opportunity for us and our students to be partnering with them. I am really proud of this partnership and cannot wait to see where each mentorship takes our graduates. We look forward to working with them as alumni in their future roles and to inviting them back as industry guests, ready to inspire the next generation of BIMM students!”

– Laura McGregor, Access and Participation Coordinator.

If you’re a third-year bachelor’s student at one of the five BIMM UK music colleges (Brighton, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol) and a person of colour, make sure you get your application in by 25 May 2022!

For full details, visit BLiM’s application page here.

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