BIMM London’s new Victory Amps endorsement

28 February, 2019

BIMM London is pleased to announce a brand new endorsement deal from UK-based boutique guitar amp company Victory. The deal sees the arrival of a new fully spec’d Victory Amp room at the campus, featuring flagship amp models and a wealth of versatile guitar possibilities for our students.

Adding to our impressive list of existing endorsements from fantastic music brands such as Marshall, Orange, Ableton, Shure and Zildjian, the latest addition to BIMM London’s student facilities sees an entire bank of guitar backline from one of the UK’s most respected amp brands.

In our Victory room, we currently have a V30 The Countess head with a V212-VH cabinet and a VX The Kraken head with a V212-VH cabinet.

In addition to this, we also have The Sheriff 22 and a V40 The Duchess head. These float between rooms for live performance workshops upon request. We also have another Kraken head and matching cabinet which is a permanent fixture in our studio. 

Technical breakdown

  • The V40 is a single-channel amp and really majors in those beautiful clean tones but also breaks up nicely for classic overdrive when you push the gain.
  • The Kraken has two gain channels. Gain I has a looser, more British style overdrive voicing and Gain II has a harder, more tightly focused American high-gain tone. But, it also cleans up nicely if you roll the volume down on your guitar.
  • The Sheriff is really all about classic British overdrive sounds, while the V30 is the all-rounder with clean and overdrive channels to cover a wide range of styles.

Victory were just as pleased with the resulting endorsement as BIMM London is, saying:

“Victory is delighted to have amplifiers at BIMM, where they can help inspire successive generations of professional players towards individuality, creativity and great musicianship.”

Jam Lindsay, from the Estates and Facilities department at BIMM London, had this to say about the brilliant new addition to our guitar resources:

“We have recently had requests for more amplifiers in general, so this will give our students more options and help them to get the sound they want. Amps are about feel as much as sound and the different ‘feel’ characteristics of these amps help to inspire students to play freely and creatively.

More specifically, there was a definite demand for higher gain amplifiers for rock and metal styles for the studio, so to have two Kraken rigs is a real treat.”

BIMM London is incredibly pleased to announce this valuable addition to its guitar facilities and look forward to hearing the students’ recordings and performances as they put the new gear through its paces.

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