BIMM Institute Relaunches Exclusive ATC Management Internships

5 November, 2021

This semester, we’re partnering with ATC Management for our exclusive A&R Student Talent Scout Programme. As part of this partnership, 16 A&R scouts will have the opportunity to join ATC from November to January. It’s all part of our commitment to provide students with incredible, real-world industry experiences by working with the best in the business.

What to expect from BIMM Institute X ATC Management A&R Internships

Students will gain valuable A&R experience on this fantastic three-month online internship while furthering their artist development and research skills. All interns will liaise directly with ATC’s core A&R teams and managers, participate in educational sessions, and receive mentorship through management meetings and breakout listening sessions.

Working in A&R and management at such an organic level is an excellent way for students to network and keep up with new trends, especially with online music blogs, social networking sites, and local music industry contacts within each city. This will help muster the experience and industry understanding that’s key to development and progression.

Sumit Bothra at ATC Management had this to say about this brilliant partnership:
“I’m really proud to have developed this program with BIMM’s Kathryn Craddock and Kris Tomkinson, alongside my colleagues Stacey Pragnell, Toby Donnelly, and the wider team here at ATC.”

He continues: “It inspires us to be working with bright young minds in England, Ireland, and Germany through this association, built around mutual and enjoyable education. The students introduce us to their local communities and vibrant musical cultures, and our managers are nurturing the next generation of label executives, artist managers, creators, and entrepreneurs.”

Catching up with previous ATC Management Intern, Seth Mayhew:

How did you find the experience of working with ATC Management?

Really great. They are an incredibly smart, passionate and successful bunch. Their drive to give young talent a voice and support the next generation of the industry is impressive and shows a real level of respect for people willing to learn. As the biggest management company in Europe, it shows the importance of being a nice person to grow in the industry!

What was the day-to-day like whilst you were interning?

It was kind of like A&R-ing without the boring bits! The exciting stuff. Actively listening and discovering new music, seeing where it fits, what’s behind it, what potential it has, who’s involved and creating an elevator pitch based on that. It also gives a great reason to reach out to others in the industry around you, asking what music you might be missing out on and getting a clear idea of the local music environment.

During the meetings, you can see a clear difference between regions and preferences, and interestingly, everyone brings a different spin on scouting. There’s not really a ‘right’ way to do it, but it’s a great way of seeing how other people go about it and routes of artist development that you might be missing.

What else have you been working on since the partnership?

I was interning at Tru Thoughts (Brighton-based label) as a press and digital intern and working in exports at Republic of Music. I co-run a live session platform called Hut Sessions with a stupidly talented producer and engineer here in Brighton called Corin Robinson, and we are now working on curating the next season of that. I’m also repping events with a promoter named Melting Vinyl and managing an artist called Luca Wilding – who I actually started working with after pitching him to ATC Management.

Luca Wilding is performing at The Folklore Rooms in Brighton on Friday 26th November. You can book your tickets here.

How has BIMM Institute helped to support you?

Obviously, the internship came about through BIMM Institute, and since ending, I have had a call with Kathryn to check in. There’s also a Careers and Development team who have given me advice.

They’ve been fantastic, helping to find the experience with Melting Vinyl (Anna Moulson) and Tru Thoughts. Sumit and Sean have given me golden advice and have been great for introducing me to people in the industry, which has been a total game-changer the past few months! That’s where personal connections made outside of BIMM Institute come to shine.

Why are internships important?

Kathryn Craddock, Head of Artist and Guest Liaison at BIMM Institute, says: “Internships are incredibly important, as they can frame the base for your portfolio CV. Students must take as many opportunities as they can whilst studying at BIMM Institute. Prospective employers in the music industry will be looking for candidates, ideally with previous experience (including placements and internships). This can be crucial to standing out from a competitive crowd!

“Students can complete internships on a part-time basis, and some are available online so that you can do these alongside your studies. The BIMM Careers and Industry Teams also have excellent contacts. They provide some incredible opportunities each year, so it is vital to look out for all the options available, even during your first year. Our experienced Careers teams can also support with applications, CV preparation and advice on building career portfolios.

“The music business is all about contacts, and who you know can be just as important as what you know. It’s great to see that Seth is being so proactive and is still in regular contact with ATC – going to gigs with Sumit and building his network of contacts in the industry.”

Job opportunities, including internships, can be found on BIMM Connect or via the Careers and Industry team within each BIMM Institute college.

More about ATC Management

ATC Management – who already work with BIMM Institute Brighton alumni Demob Happy and BIMM Institute Berlin lecturer Fink – has been at the forefront of innovative artist management for over two decades. ATC Management has cemented itself as one of the most respected management companies in the industry.

ATC Management prides itself on representing artists across various genres and disciplines, including recording artists, composers, record producers, songwriters, and filmmakers. Their artist-centric, entrepreneurial, and collaborative approach to their work has seen them expand to exciting new levels. With a dedicated team of over 40 managers and staff globally, ATC operates out of offices in London, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen.

We are looking forward to working alongside ATC Management again with this incredible online internship programme, giving our students direct insight into A&R and music management. You can keep up-to-date with other career opportunities here and via BIMM Institute’s social networking platform BIMM Connect.

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