BIMM Institute Bristol students launch Resonate Magazine

20 November, 2020

A group of dedicated students from BIMM Institute Bristol have founded their own music magazine after receiving guidance from the Founder of CRACK Magazine, Tom Frost. Students with love for music and a passion for print came together from a range of BIMM courses to create Resonate Magazine.

The magazine is primarily targeted at BIMM students throughout the UK, Ireland and Germany who are excited about discovering new music, hearing the voices of the community and getting the exclusive scoop on opportunities. Resonate’s secondary audience is anyone in the immediate and wider community who simply want to know about what great content is coming out of our establishment – artistically and journalistically – and which great artists it brings to light in each feature.

Resonate Magazine published their first print issue back in February 2020 and distributed them throughout Bristol and all BIMM Institutes. Unfortunately, despite the success of their first issue, COVID-19 halted all creative endeavours, meaning a second issue was near impossible.

Making the best out of a bad situation, the Resonate team have worked tirelessly throughout the last six months. The result is a flashy new website, allowing audiences and industry lovers alike to sink their teeth into it and get back to what we love most: experiencing music!

Their vibrant young team of BIMM students are enthusiastic and passionate about the industry, and just want to highlight the amazing talents that lie right under our noses.

Interviewing Abbie Humphries from Resonate Magazine

We spoke with Abbie Humphries, who is one of the students that run Resonate Magazine.

How has the new website been received so far?

So well! We’ve had great engagement so far on the website and activity across socials is up too! People are really supporting this project, which is so lovely to see.

What made you want to start a print publication?

BIMM mentioned that they wanted a student publication, but it almost spiralled out of control and became bigger and better than anyone imagined! We’ve worked so hard to make it something for such a variety of people in a variety of places to enjoy – it’s become something we’re all so proud to be a part of.

Creating a new and relevant place for lovers and career holders in the industry to share opinions and knowledge has proved to be exciting and so valuable. The potential this magazine has is limitless!

When can we expect issue two to come out?

Very soon! Keep your eyes peeled in December – if you follow our socials, you’ll know before anyone else when and where to get our second print. The repercussions of Covid might have slowed us all down, but we’re so excited to get our print mag out again.

How has BIMM helped you throughout this process?

BIMM has been great. They’ve helped with funding and access to opportunities and believed in this project before it even had a name. More specifically, lecturers on the project here at BIMM Institute Bristol have been outstandingly helpful. Co-Founder of CRACK Magazine, Tom Frost, has remained as dedicated and passionate about this project as any of us. We’re not all journalism students, so this is fairly new to a number of us, and our lecturers involved in this project have helped us outstandingly along the way. We’re super grateful.


Check out more student success stories here. Check out Resonate’s new website here. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to get your hands on the latest issue.

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