BIMM Graduate Monika Linkytė, chosen as Lithuania’s Eurovision entry

9 May, 2023

BIMM Institute London graduate Monika Linkytė has been voted the winner of Lithuania’s Eurovision selection process. She will perform her song ‘Stay’ in Liverpool to celebrate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

With a combination of a public televote and a vote from an expert jury, Monika Linkytė achieved the sought-after victory on the night with her song ‘Stay’. Monika previously represented Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 with the song ‘This Time’, a duet with singer and actor Vaidas Baumila.

We managed to catch up with Monika to discuss her recent success:

How do you feel about your recent news?

I am very excited. I can’t wait to see the stage in Liverpool! Since winning, I haven’t had any free time—lots of work, music, and recording. We just finished my new EP and will release it on 11th May. So, my life switched from the day I won, and I am more than happy!

This isn’t your first experience at Eurovision, though. Is it?

No, the second time. And I must say that this time is much more fun and hard work, but I am enjoying this journey so much!

Are you going to win?!

Hahaha, no pressure here, right? I don’t know if I will win or not, but I promised myself to give all my heart in every single second and enjoy every single step. That I am sure to do, I think that music is more than winning the competition. Of course, it would give you some energy for your ego, maybe some satisfaction, but that will go, and then what? Music is about goosebumps, the connection we create with each other. That’s the beauty. That’s the power. That’s the real winning.

To what extent did BIMM help you get to where you are?

Well, I think that a lot. I’ve lived in the epicentre of the world’s music industry, studying music, writing music, performing music and listening to music every minute. I think that just gave me some direction about what I would like to achieve and gave me a feeling that it is possible because BIMM is a very supportive and friendly place.

Where do you see yourself heading after your Eurovision performance?

I would really like to come back and write music and perform here, in London.

Monika Linkytė has enlisted her group of backing singers and performers, which include fellow graduate and course-mate Debbie Osibodu, who performs under the moniker OURAA. The pair graduated from our Vocals course and have done tremendous things since leaving us.

Debbie Osibodu (OURAA) spoke about the opportunity to perform with Monika:

“I was honoured when Monika asked me to join her and sort out the backing vocal team for her country’s Eurovision song selection contest. We met at BIMM London a few years back and shared most of the same classes, so we had worked together musically inside and outside uni from then on.”

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