BIMM alumna, Bobbie Harvey, is BBC 1Xtra’s Track of the Week 

27 October, 2020

As a musician, there’s often no higher accolade than getting played on mainstream radio. Bobbie Harvey, an alumna from BIMM Institute London, has done just that. After having little luck with BBC Music Introducing in London, she submitted her music to BBC Music Introducing in Northern Ireland (her hometown). Subsequently, her latest single “Send Me” has been played on BBC 1Xtra – and is now their Track of the Week.

Bobbie Harvey is an emerging artist, singer, and songwriter, now based in London. Her emotion-drenched voice and natural vocal flow create an entrancing experience for any listener. Bobbie aims to push the envelope with her sound and bridges various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. Her passion for music is plain to see on “Send Me”: a soul/R&B fusion with uplifting instrumentation seamlessly working together with modern pop vocals.

Catching up with Bobbie

Wow, how amazing! You’re BBC 1xtra’s Track of the Week; how does that feel?

Honestly, it feels surreal hearing them say my name and play my music and voice on the radio. It’s something that I have envisioned happening, and I knew one day it would. I used to drive to and from work and listen to BBC Radio 1Xtra, so hearing my music come on as I’m travelling home is the most insane feeling.

I stood outside the train station today, so I could hear it all, and smiled to myself the entire time thinking: “I wonder how many ears have just heard my music thanks to this?”.

How important is radio play to your career as a musician?

At the minute, due to the lack of gigs and live events, radio play is crucial to get my music out there. But, regardless of the situation, as an independent artist, it’s difficult to push and market and promote your music on your own. So, having the radio play is like an extra hand to help get that exposure to a lot more people.

How has your time at BIMM Institute London helped you?

I had never experienced being in an environment where people understood the same passion as me for music until I got through those doors. It was a challenge at the same time because I came from a small town where the music scene was big in folk and country music, but there was nothing about that style that I wanted to pursue. So, my confidence was non-existent.

“I felt like BIMM was where I grew a backbone for the music industry, and the lecturers listened and wanted to help.”

I know you are probably thinking “well, that is their job” but you’d be surprised. I’ve been in education for a long time, and I’ve only ever felt heard by a handful of teachers, and the majority of them came from BIMM. I miss it because I met a lot of incredible people, students and teachers, as well as Michelle Humphrey, who went all out to supply opportunities for every student who reached out for them.

What’s next for you?

I was supposed to be releasing an EP at the beginning of the year. But as I wanted each track to have the same attention and push, I decided that they were each going to be released as singles. So, I have another four tracks, which I’m aiming to release before the year ends, depending on how things go.

The four tracks were crafted with the incredible, insane producer Fred Cox. We spent a lot of time making sure each track was as special as the first, so it was only fair that they each got given the same spotlight.

We wish Bobbie best of luck with her future releases. We’re proud to have some of the industry’s most successful professionals among our alumni. To find out more about what our graduates have been up to, check out our success stories.

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