Berlin’s Songwriting Camp With Fink

2 November, 2016

Sixteen vocalists, instrumentalists, songwriters and producers from BIMM Berlin were selected to take part in an intensive songwriting camp. By the end, not only had wonderful music been made, but also deep connections were cultivated, career-shaping lessons were learned and ideas manifested into reality.

The setting was Bauteil 3, a songwriting studio situated within Templehof – an airport once famous for its Nazi and cold war past which has since been transformed into a ‘campus for creatives’, hosting an array of many different companies.

Each day the students had to select a brief from a pop/rock ‘who’s looking list’ which contained real briefs on songs which big artists and labels are currently on the hunt for. The students were given a new group to work with every day, which often meant collaborating with strangers (as both First and Second Year students were mixed together). They then had just eight hours to write and record a song from start to finish.

The time limitations meant that the groups had to quickly develop a strong working relationship with others. Artists Fink and Shon Abram were both there to lend a hand in identifying the strengths within each group and the roles that each person should take on.

Songwriting student Gabrieles Sforza, a First Year student who took part in the camp, described the experience as “a glimpse into the real world of being a musician” explaining that the atmosphere was intense but also very exciting: “I was psyched to see all of the talent in the room.

At the end of the day we were all so surprised to see how good the music was ­– the whole thing felt really special.” At the end of each day, all of the groups gathered for a listening session to share the work they had produced. These sessions developed into a party-like atmosphere; everyone danced, clapped, drank beer and sang as they listened to the music and celebrated each other’s achievements.

The artist Fink, who helped to manage the event said: “I feel everyone had a really intense and fascinating time on these camps; people got something deep and useful out of the experience, both personally and artistically.”

The students have already created a group network to share ideas and projects, with many having recognised talent in others who they want to work with again and will hopefully create future projects together as a result.

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