5 Staples of the Hamburg Music Scene

1 August, 2019

Want to know what to expect from the local music scene in each of our college locations? Our STAPLES video series is here!

Previously, we’ve had the likes of Dutch Uncles frontman Danny de Reybekill showing us around Manchester, Heavy Lungs frontman Danny Nedelko giving us a tour of Bristol and Roxy Roberts letting us in on her favourite spots in Brighton.

We are now moving on to our newest college in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Giving us the guided tour is all round muso and man about Hamburg Daniel Prieß.

Daniel scopes out some of the best venues to give you a flavour of the city and music scene you could soon start calling home.

And if Daniel’s tour has got you wanting to know more about studying at BIMM Hamburg, then contact our admissions team or get in touch via our Live Chat.

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