Tom Bradley

Associate Lecturer, Drums *

Tom teaches Drums at BIMM Music Institute Birmingham. Since discovering a passion for music at a young age, Tom has spent over twenty years fixated on improving his ability on the drum kit and absorbing as many different styles of music as possible. Having studied with notable teachers including Ian Matthews (Kasabian) and Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine), he has gone on to forge a successful teaching career of his own.

Over the past thirteen years Tom has taught drums privately, in workshops and lectured at further and higher education level. Tom is a member of the Vic Firth Education Team and a Roland Teacher Ambassador.

As a freelance drummer Tom performs and records regularly with a number of bands and artists, specialising within the corporate function scene. Other credits include working with Roland as a product demonstrator and R&D consultant in addition to developing social media content for Natal Drums.

Tom has also been a regular contributor to Rhythm Magazine for the past five years and other writing work includes commissions for Rockschool Publishing and Drummer Magazine.

As a performer and educator, Tom officially endorses Vic Firth, Evans, Roland, Protection Racket and Porter & Davies.

* Freelance lecturer
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