Lorenzo Burgio

Lead lecturer

Lorenzo holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Creative Musicianship from BIMM London and a Master of Music (MMus) in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths. With over a decade of professional experience, Lorenzo has established himself as an electronic music producer, mixer, and experimental drummer, collaborating with artists in the music scenes across the UK and Europe. Lorenzo's artistic journey is a captivating exploration of immersive soundscapes that delve into textured and emotionally charged spaces.

Lorenzo's passion for immersive audio and experimental production has paved the way for collaborations with artists, photographers, filmmakers, and renowned brands across Europe. After honing his skills and gaining valuable experience in London's commercial studios, Lorenzo now operates from his own creative space, Octopus Garden, which is equipped for stereo and Dolby Atmos production.

Lorenzo is the Lead Lecturer for Concept Led Production in the BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production course.

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