Josh Cullen

Music Production Lecturer *

Josh teaches Music Production at BIMM Music Institute Manchester. He has been a gigging musician for around 15 years. Josh gained extensive experience as a UK/ EU touring musician in bands such as Ravenface and Jagwar whilst completing his degree in Music Production in 2015, in which, he obtained a 1st class Hons and an Outstanding Achievement award from JAMES accredited.

Since then, Josh has been a freelance music producer working in numerous recording studios in Manchester with artists such as Ray Lewis, The Sam Ferranti Sextet and Hard Eye Contact as well as working regularly with Fresh Britain (New Balance, Ben Sherman, Levis) on branding advertisements for numerous companies.

In addition to this, Josh also works frequency in Native Instruments Kontakt, engineering and designing unique sample libraries and virtual instruments for various high profile clients.

* Freelance lecturer
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