Jonny Amos

Songwriting Course Leader and Lecturer

Jonny Amos is a Songwriter and Producer with songs active in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Latvia, South Korea and Sweden, amongst other territories.

As a Songwriter/Producer, Jonny is signed with successful Scandinavian pop specialists TG-Management and regularly attends writing camps in Denmark, Sweden and the USA.

He has penned songs for UK X Factor winner Shayne Ward, Miss D (Number #1 in Portugal for 6 weeks) Maria Lawson, Jackie Paladino, CKay, Alicia Madison, Hatty Keane, Danish teenstar Honik, South Korean boyband Shinee and rising star Astrid Holiday amongst many others.

He is also highly active as a sync writer, finding placements for songs in a number of stations such as MTV, FilmFour and Sky One. Jonny has freelanced in A&R for Aardvark Records and D Records and consults regularly with major label A&Rs on up-and-coming European talent.

Jonny also worked as a session musician in previous years for such acts as Don Henley (The Eagles) and All Saints. Jonny was a recording artist for 13 years from the age of 16 to the age of 29, during which time the highlight was being a founding member of the much hyped UK rock sensation Red Star Rebels which gave him an opportunity to tour the world and experience many aspects of the music business.

Alongside his work as a Songwriter/Producer, Jonny is also the Creative Director of The SongLab – a Birmingham based Pop Production Company which provide backing track and remix work to Record Labels in all areas of the world.

Jonny can be found on many talent competition panels such as TeenStar and Open Mic UK amongst others. He is a proactive networker and travels extensively to constantly broaden his global network in this ever-changing industry.

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