Jess Balsom

Songwriting Lecturer *

Jess Balsom is a singer, songwriter and keys player who has released independent albums and worked under various pseudonyms since she was 15.

She is currently working on her new project, In Pluto's Kitchen. Jess worked with ex-Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey to recreate and perform classic Hawkwind and Robert Calvert albums in their entirety across the UK and Finland. Whilst touring, she co-founded psych-folk duo Yaga Sunet who went on to release 'A Cut Through the Heart'.

'Music that is performed with this kind of honesty and emotion is rare, and it is one of the intangible things that truly matters in this world.' Gold-Molina, All About Jazz

Currently studying for an MA, she is also active in tutoring and research. Her research interests include British countercultures and popular music in the 1960s-1970s and person-centred approaches to teaching and learning.

* Freelance lecturer
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