Dr. Jerry Thackray

Course Leader, Music Marketing, Media and Communication

Music Marketing, Media & Communication Course Leader Dr. Jerry Thackray holds a PhD in Music Journalism and has been a freelance music critic for over 30 years. He has edited, published and written for numerous magazines and websites in the UK, US and Australia, including Melody Maker, NME, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, MOJO, Classic Rock and Plan B Magazine. He currently teaches at BIMM Insitute London.

He is best-known as Everett True, “the man who invented grunge”, the critic Kurt Cobain once called “the biggest rock star journalist in the world”.

Jerry has written several books on rock music (Nirvana, Ramones, The White Stripes) and, under his stage name The Legend!, released the first record on Creation Records. Nick Cave described The Legend!’s onstage performance as being “more entertaining than Nina Simone”.

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