David Smyth

Senior Lecturer, Music Marketing, Media & Communication *

Music Marketing, Media & Communication lecturer David Smyth teaches at BIMM Music Institute Brighton. He has been the London Evening Standard’s chief rock and pop critic since 2002, reviewing concerts and albums, and interviewing everyone from Pete Townshend and Ray Davies to Tinie Tempah and Plan B.

He’s also written about music for Q Magazine, the New Statesman, the Daily Telegraph and Mixmag, among others. He has been a judge on the Mercury Prize panel and is co-author of the Rough Guides book 'The Best Music You've Never Heard'. Career highlights include being invited to feel the metal plate in Ozzy Osbourne's chest, making Mark Ronson watch a video of his children dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’, and being permitted to sit in deadmau5's Ferrari for upwards of 12 seconds. David has previously lectured about Journalism at London Metropolitan University and the University of Middlesex.

* Freelance lecturer
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