Christian Huant

Course Leader, Music Production

Christian Huant is the Course Leader for Music Production at BIMM Music Institute London. He has dabbled with guitars, keyboards, sequencers and samplers since the late 1980s and set up a bedroom studio while at university in the mid-1990s. After completing his degree in Applied Mathematics and IT, he moved to London to further specialise his studies in the field of audio engineering. As a producer, Christian has recorded, mixed and mastered for many artists across an eclectic range of genres, using studios including Abbey Road, Townhouse, Sony Music (Whitfield Street) and Strongroom.

He has been involved in audio and music production education since 1998, teaching music production topics at an array of music education facilities, and spending ten years as the Principal of the College of Audio Engineering. He writes and produces his own electronic pop and techno music, contributes to blogs and online video tutorials, and has reviewed books for Focal Press.

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