Chantelle Scott

Lecturer, Music Production & Songwriting

Chantelle Scott BSc; composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. Inspired and nourished by sound. Chantelle teaches music production and songwriting at BIMM Music Institute Manchester and Birmingham.

From her early days learning piano to her shy beginnings as a singer and playing in bands, she went on to DJ as part of a collective putting on underground clubs nights in and around Manchester, festivals and more in and around the northwest of the UK. She went on to further study audio engineering and technology at SSR Manchester and has worked as a studio & live engineer. She has recorded and produced, mixed and mastered a variety of artists from hip hop, singer-songwriter, experimental electronica, podcasts to extreme performance artists & pirates.

After falling in love with music production over 15 years ago, she (eventually) developed her own music production & performance style. Over a decade of gigging experience as a solo artist and with a band, she has performed on many stages in and around the UK and abroad and been privileged to composed music for many different projects including; theatre, circus, short films and art galleries. Chantelle is signed to a label, released several of her own albums, and continues to pursue the myriad of pathways open to musicians in this world.

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