Aram Zarikian

Senior Lecturer, MA

Aram teaches MA at BIMM Music Institute London. He began studying music from a very young age, taking classes in music harmony and theory, rhythm and reading, ear training, piano, music history, classical ensembles, and sound engineering. As his education progressed, he continued to further his knowledge with training in sight-reading, playing techniques, percussion, songwriting, arrangement, and music business.

Aram has worked throughout Europe and the United States as a live and studio musician with various bands, orchestras, and musical and theatre productions, appearing on stages of all sizes, as well as on radio and television. He’s been employed in management and promotion, has collaborated with many talented stage crews and sound engineers, and has booked a whole host of world-class musicians. Aram also has experience in studio recording and production at the Los Angeles Music Academy, where he worked as an instructor.

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