Lana Lubany


BIMM Music Institute London Songwriting student, Lana Lubany has just inked a deal with Beatnik Creatives, a management company home to Arlo Parks and Miso Extra.

She first caught their attention after her self-released single ‘THE SNAKE’ amassed widespread support on TikTok, having been used millions of times and has been streamed millions of times on Spotify.

Her second single ‘SOLD’ uses more left-field production techniques. That added with Middle-Eastern sounds and Western pop textures allowed Lana to truly stand out whilst representing herself to the fullest.

Both tracks are set to feature on Lana’s upcoming debut project with Beatnik, THE HOLY LAND, which Lana describes as a creative exploration through the journey of self-discovery, with each track included representing a different stage of the journey through life and self.

Having already performed in venues worldwide and sung to audiences including President Obama and the Pope, we reckon Lana is going to go far!

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