Alrie Bah


BIMM Alumni Alrie Bah has done so much since leaving our London college – from touring with dance music maker SG Lewis and playing Coachella to studying for her degree in Law and Criminology and releasing her first single.

“Going to BIMM really changed my whole outlook for music, making me love it even more and really believe that I could make a career out of it.” – Alrie Bah

Alrie – who describes her sound as rooted RnB with influences from Neo-Soul, Gospel, Jazz, and live instruments – has been performing as a singer with SG Lewis since 2016, which has seen her touring around the world, playing festivals and headlining shows.

“Two of my highlights are playing Coachella, and a festival called We the Fest in Jakarta, Indonesia,” Alrie explains.

“Coachella was just the most surreal experience; I spent the whole two weeks wondering what the hell I was doing there. This is the festival you hear everyone talking about, the one all these star-studded celebrities are at, and I was lucky enough to be PERFORMING there, as well as being able to experience the whole thing from an artist POV?! I couldn’t believe it. I met so many amazing people, spoke to artists I listen to everyday (Anderson Paak, DVSN, Katrynada), and just had the best time ever.”

“Touring Asia in itself was insane, but the We The Fest festival in particular is one I’ll never forget,” the singer continues. “I remember performing and looking out to thousands and thousands of people in complete shock. The fans at this festival were incredible – it was the first time we all felt like proper celebrities. From being swarmed at the festival for pictures to supporters waiting in the hotel lobby the following morning, it was crazy. As if that weren’t crazy enough, I ended the night taking tequila shots with Miguel and having cute chats with SZA and her mum. Crazy crazy day.”

Alrie’s advice for BIMM students? To jump right in! “I would say: do it wholeheartedly,” she says. “Make yourself known! Put yourself out there. Make connections with people. Do the extra stuff, go to masterclasses, audition for showcases, ask for help/advice from tutors. You won’t get the best out of BIMM unless you really utilise all the amazing resources they have to offer.”

The RnB singer released two singles in 2020: “When It’s Over” and “Sundown”. They’re both available to download/stream from all platforms – we hope they’re the first of many!

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