World Mental Health Day – BIMM London

9 October, 2018

An event taking place at the BIMM London cafe this week is aiming to raise awareness for mental health issues by providing students and staff with free access to talks from various charities, musicians and industry experts.

The event, which takes place on Wednesday 10th October, will coincide with World Mental Health Day and offers a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge from key professionals working with mental health charities and the music industry. The day will also be raising money for The Mental Health Foundation via a Bake sale, so those of you who are a dab hand with cakes are welcome to contribute!

Here’s what students can expect from the day;

BIMM London cafe. 11am-5pm, Wednesday October 10th

Aiden Culley – Health Awareness Officer at Help Musicians UK

Help Musicians UK specialise in providing support at all stages of a musicians career. They offer funding to help alleviate financial difficulties getting in the way of career development, campaign for better mental health – #MusicMindsMatter – and have worked in partnership with Musicians Hearing Services and the Musicians’ Union to create a Musicians Hearing Health Scheme, offering affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and protection.

12pm-1pm – Lucy Nichol and Andrew Trendell

Lucy is the author of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes – Naming and Shaming Mental Health Stigmas, and Andrew is the News Editor at NME. The two of them will be talking about their various experiences within the area of mental health and how it has affected their personal and professional lives.

1pm – 2pm – Matt Thomas

Matt is the Director and a Support Officer at and will offer help and advice on how they can offer mental health support to those who need it.

2pm-3pm – Skye Blyth-Whitelock

Skye is a Counsellor at MIND, and will be giving a talk on the various resources available through the mental health charity.

3pm – 4pm – John O’Reilly

John is a Mental Health Counsellor at UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and is also a Musician.

4pm-5pm – Patty Walters & Tom Doyle. 

Our special guests for the event – Patty is a popular online influencer and vocalist from Brighton-via-Minneapolis alternative pop punk troupe  ‘As It Is‘. Tom is a Publicist for the UK arm of punk rock label Hopeless Records, who recently implemented ‘Songs That Saved My Life‘ – a brand centred around music that played a pivotal role in the lives of artists and fans, sales of which benefit mental health and suicide prevention charities.


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