Sonic Youth Frontman Visits BIMM London

24 February, 2015

Very few people get the chance ­– or have the talent – to truly alter the sound of musical culture, but our recent BIMM London Masterclass guest, Thurston Moore, has been there and done just that.

As part of the revolutionary rock group Sonic Youth, and later as a solo artist, Thurston has constantly pushed the boundaries of sound, performance and lyrical content with his music.

Sonic Youth released a string of albums, including ‘Goo’, ‘Daydream Nation’ and ‘Dirty’, that were filled with brilliant tunes, inventive song structures and political themes. He and the band achieved the rare trick of combining huge sales with enormous critical acclaim.

Thurston is a giant of popular culture, and the room was packed with students clamouring to be part of this fantastic session. Sonic Youth is clearly an appropriate band name too, as Thurston displayed a wonderful, youthful enthusiasm for creating music. He was extremely generous with his time, and it was brilliant to see a real rock legend taking such care to answer a wide range of intelligent questions from our students.

Jon Stewart, BIMM’s Business and Event Management Course Leader, interviewed Thurston for the Masterclass, and was blown away by his enthusiasm for music, even after such a long career. He said:

“For me, the most revealing element of it all was Thurston’s genuine fandom. I think that’s also the thing the students will take away. They were clearly shocked about how much he knew, and how much he loved, music. That will stay with us all for the longest time, I’m sure.”

Thurston is another of the incredibly successful artists who’ve come in and passed on their knowledge to BIMM’s students. BIMM believes in connecting them with the kind of hard-won wisdom that can only come from the very best – which is why we were so pleased to have a great like Thurston visit us.

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