Simone Odaranile on tour with The Go! Team

Alumni Success

Simone Odaranile is another talented BIMM alumna who has gone on to shape an exciting career in music.

Simone arrived to study at BIMM Brighton in 2008, graduating in 2011 with a Foundation Degree in Drums. Right now she is on the road drumming for one of the most exciting live acts around, The Go! Team.

Simone has been a drummer since age eleven so she’s a seasoned player already, even though she’s still young. She’s been playing with internationally famous Brighton band The Go! Team for about a year and the band are currently on a world tour promoting new album The Scene Between, with Simone providing the beats on every date.

We asked Simone how working with the band came about:

“Ian Parton found a video of me drumming on YouTube. Ian writes all the music for The Go! Team and is kind of their band leader. I didn’t know him beforehand. I got an email from him asking if I would be interested in joining and touring, and of course I said yes!”

Amongst the multi-instrumentalist gang that is The Go! Team, Simone’s talents have managed to shine brightly. She was recently featured in Drummer magazine and has been written about twice in Tom Tom, the only magazine to focus solely on women drummers.

So, how is life on tour?

“The tour is great. Japan was incredible, amazing people and food, great atmosphere at the gigs. People really listen to the music and enjoy it. My favourite experience was at Asagiri Jam which is a festival at the bottom of Mount Fuji.”

“San Francisco was great too, nice venue and good crowd, but New York has been my favourite. I’ve always loved New York, big buildings, great scenes, amazing crowds – the vibe is like no other!”

We’re looking forward to more tour tales when Simone gets home to Brighton!

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POSTED ON: January 29, 2016
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