Ryan Burnett Is The Face of Guitar Hero Live

4 January, 2016

BIMM Brighton alumnus Ryan Burnett is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who is already starting to turn heads with his band, The Vanguards. Now Ryan is set to become a familiar face to thousands of budding guitarists and video gamers as the new face of the Guitar Hero Live music video game.

The game is a new and improved version of the massively popular Guitar Hero and is available for PlayStation, X-Box, Wii and Apple TV. In the game, players perform as on-stage rock guitarists in a virtual band fronted by Ryan. In a previous interview, Ryan talked about how the unique opportunity came about:

I went to an audition for what I was told was an “interactive music video” but instead of miming to a song they asked if I could play it live instead. I did a few more auditions after that but everything was kept tightly under wraps..”

“It was pretty crazy being asked to front a video game. It’s the first of its kind and even though I’m not a big gamer myself, Guitar Hero has been such a huge success it would be hard to say no..”

The studio behind the new Guitar Hero Live decided it was time to bring some real authenticity to the game, filming Ryan and other musicians performing to an audience of actors who recorded responses from wild adoration to chucking things at the camera! You can check out a cool behind-the- scenes trailer for the game here, including an interview with Ryan.

Ryan Burnett Is The Face of Guitar Hero Live

As for Ryan back in the real world, The Vanguards released their awesome debut single ‘Killers’ in October to a buzz of music press excitement. The promo for Guitar Hero Live should help give Ryan and The Vanguards some well-deserved spotlight – and you might even find yourself wanting to play along with them…

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