Roger Daltrey Surprises Graduates at BIMM Brighton

6 October, 2014

Over 200 graduating BIMM Brighton students filled the Hilton Metropole with whoops of delight and applause as Roger Daltrey – legendary singer of rock group The Who – was unveiled as a surprise guest at their graduation ceremony.

Roger clearly enjoys being part of the excitement of graduation day, as it’s his second appearance in as many years, and he fired up another wave of excited alumni as they begin their journey into the music industry.

In addition to shaking hands with every graduate, Roger left the students with a few pearls of wisdom that none of them will forget:

“Now you have finished studying, and are moving into making music your living, make sure that you remember why you started in the first place: your love of music.”

Tony Wadsworth CBE, of the BIMM Board of Directors, and Chairman of the BPI, was full of confidence and admiration for the departing students, saying:

“Some people don’t take the creative industries seriously. Those people are out of touch. The creative industries are something the UK does incredibly well. The music industry alone employs over 110,000 people in the UK and is worth over £3.5 billion globally. What can be better than to earn your living doing something you love and that enhances the lives of millions of people?”

And the students weren’t the only ones receiving recognition for their success – Roger, who was previously Patron of BIMM Brighton, became Patron of the entire BIMM Group:

“I am delighted to be a Patron for BIMM. BIMM is a fantastic platform for talented young musicians who are given the opportunity to thrive and grow within the music industry.”

But it was Principal of BIMM Brighton, Vaseema Hamilton, who summed up the feelings of all the staff, who have enjoyed working for years with such hard-working and enthusiastic students:

“It’s such an emotional day for me – and all the BIMM staff – the most special day in the academic calendar. Today we should remember the hard work, dedication and passion from all of our students that has got them to where they are today.”

We’ll miss all our graduating students, and wish you all the very greatest success, whatever you are doing next!

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