Periphery Rock BIMM London Before Download

14 June, 2016

Critically-acclaimed metal outfit Periphery are known for pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Their dark, energetic sound has won over a global fan base and cemented their place among the genre’s elite. Ahead of their anticipated appearance at Download Festival, Periphery joined us at BIMM London for an interactive and insightful Masterclass.

The six-piece, which includes former BIMM Bristol student Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood on bass, kicked things off with an incredible live performance of three tracks – MAKE TOTAL DESTROY, Graveless and The Bad Thing.

After creating a small tremor in our classroom, the group sat down with our audience to discuss a broad range of topics, including their songwriting techniques and taking risks with their music.

The musicians also spoke openly about their experiences within the music industry and gave our students some valuable motivation ahead of their exams.

We were especially interested to hear what former BIMM student, Adam, had to say about his time studying at our Bristol campus. The bassist praised our efforts and shared a little advice about networking, which we wholeheartedly agreed with!

“BIMM is an amazing platform for you guys, but you need to network. I learnt so much about the professional world from lecturers, but I made the connections myself,” he explained.

“I urge you all to take it really seriously and meet and connect with each other. You have to network because if you don’t, it’s not BIMM’s fault. You have to take your education and make it for yourself.”

We later heard more about the band’s formation, their personal projects and the sacrifices they’ve had to make as professional musicians. The band also revealed the artists they’re currently listening to – an eclectic mix of The 1975, Oh Brother, Sigur Ros and Architects (who would’ve thought)!

The band’s guitarist, and founding member, Misha Mansoor also mused about his love of Three Trapped Tigers, whose drummer, Adam Betts, also happens to be a tutor here at BIMM London!

Our students were later split into instrument-focussed groups – drums, guitar and bass/vocals production – led by all six members of Periphery. These ‘breakout sessions’ gave our aspiring musicians the chance to ask specific questions around techniques, the equipment they use and the various roles within the band.

To top off a fantastic session, professional music equipment company D’Addario supplied our students with some seriously cool kit, including strings, plectrums, string cleaner, drum sticks, stickers, magazines and T–shirts!

We caught up with two of our BIMM students after the Masterclass to get their thoughts on the session.

“It was great to have such a high calibre band come in, people who are really technically proficient and also incredibly intelligent guys talking about their experiences and what we all wanted to know. It was great to split off into the breakout sessions to focus on some really good stuff and get some good questions in. I really enjoyed it,” said Ollie Dixon – BMus Year 3 Drums.

Echoing his praises was BA Creative Musicianship Year 1 Guitar student Cody Gaffney, who added:

“I found the Masterclass very helpful. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and very interactive; it was less like them talking at us, and more them wanting to know what we thought and our own personal questions. It was really tailored to us, especially the breakout sessions!

Periphery’s visit has inspired all of our BIMM students to think outside the box when it comes to music. We really couldn’t have asked for a better Masterclass!

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