Explore BIMM Institute Berlin’s new production studio

16 March, 2020

Take a virtual tour of our incredible new production studio here at BIMM Institute Berlin: the perfect accompaniment to our latest, innovative Music Production courses.

Our state-of-the-art studio – situated in the House of Music creative hub – is designed to make you industry-ready. You will take your creativity to that next level in a professional environment and use the same software and high-tech equipment used by the world’s greatest producers and music industry professionals.

An industry-standard studio for industry-leading courses 

At BIMM Institute Berlin, we offer two market-leading Music Production courses. These courses have been developed closely with industry professionals to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s music business. Both courses allow you to follow your passion and build the career you’ve always wanted. 

Whichever ground-breaking Music Production course you choose, we know how fundamental it is to have the best facilities and equipment around you in order to be the absolute best you can be. That’s why we’ve introduced a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built studio to match the space and facilities used by the industry itself. 

Inside BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

“Studying at BIMM Institute has frequently allowed me to be in the studio and explore creative ways to use studio equipment that would otherwise be hard to come by. Not only do I get to experiment with the equipment, but I also take part in all sorts of productions of various genres. This has led me to try production techniques that I wouldn’t necessarily find out about on my own.

Now I feel much more confident as an engineer and producer and it’s actually possible for me to understand and harness a larger studio with vast amounts of outboard gear.”

– Rasmus Schmidt, Music Production student

Our industry-standard facilities are available to all BIMM students. For example, as a Performance or Songwriting student, you will have the opportunity to record your material alongside our Music Production students. 

Inside the performance space of BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

What’s in our state-of-the-art production studio?

Our market-leading studio has incredible equipment and facilities, such as:

  • An acoustically designed live room and control room for professional recording, mixing and mastering
  • A 24-channel recording console and professional outboard gear, such as preamps, compressors and equalisers from legendary brands like SSL, Neve, Empirical Labs and Universal Audio
  • A Mac computer with industry-standard music production software, including Pro Tools Ultimate running and HD Native Card, Logic Pro X and Ableton 
  • UAD satellite running the most sought-after pro audio plugins, as well as a wide range of additional plugins from Sound Toys, Fab Filter, iZotope and more
  • An impressive array of the highest quality studio microphones to cover every studio need. Our microphones are from famous brands such as Neumann, Rhode, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic
  • The monitoring in the control room is an ADAM Audio series, which includes a 5.1 surround setup

Student work inside BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

“It’s a proper studio environment. You really get to practice what it’s like to do things on a real desk with real hardware.”

Ylva Brandtsegg, Music Production student

BIMM students in the studio:

If you’re a Music Production student, your classes will be held in this inspiring space and you’ll get to use it out of hours as well. As a Performance or Songwriting student, you’ll have the chance to work with other aspiring professionals by recording your tracks and seeing how things work from the production side. It’s all part of collaboration being a key part of life here at BIMM Institute. 

And, who better to learn from in a professional space like this than our world-class lecturers, like Fabio Buemi, Music and Sound Production and Electronic Music Production Lecturer at BIMM Institute Berlin? Our lecturers live and breathe music and are still active in today’s industry. That way, they’re passing the most up-to-the-minute knowledge and insider tips straight on to you.

Our lecturers teach production techniques inside BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

“Learning from professional producers is, for me, a really invaluable experience because you get all this awesome knowledge from guys who have actually been working in the studio with real musicians, real stars and people who I look up to… I have such a good time here in the studio with them.”

– Ivan Mendez, Music and Sound Production Student

Songwriters and vocalists perfect their sound inside BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

Other House of Music facilities

Why stop your tour there? Take a look around the whole of BIMM Institute Berlin with Nicole Deckers, our Music Business student, via our virtual tour video

Track credit: ‘RLTY’ by the talented BIMM Berlin Music Production student Mathias Novas, AKA Novas. You can hear more of his work here.

The best equipment can be found inside BIMM Institute Berlin's new studio

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