Music Business & Event Management Degrees

14 November, 2019

Careers in the music industry stretch far beyond the stage. There are plenty of fulfilling roles to be found behind the scenes too. If you dream of working at a record label, in artist management, at a promotions company or another non-performance role, our Music Business and Event Management degrees could be perfect for you.

The music and events industries have many sectors. From digital distribution to royalty collection, from music supervision to corporate party planning; you’d be amazed at the range of career options available to you with these two fully accredited degrees. Let’s take a closer look.

BA (Hons) Music Business

There will always be a demand for music. And where there’s demand, there are business opportunities. As a music consumer, it’s sometimes easy to forget that behind every artist, brand, gig or product lies the work, vision and drive of numerous individuals.

Our multilayered Music Business degree offers a variety of modules across three years of study to help you gain the skills needed to succeed in whatever music industry pathway you choose.

Develop your abilities in planning & forecasting, financing, creativity, artist management, self-employment, traditional&digital marketing, music publishing, copyright legislation, social media, the live industry, music recording and distribution.

Then, from your second year, not only will you gain access to valuable work experience opportunities at some of the industry’s best-known companies, you’ll also get to choose your own blend of optional modules to tailor your learning experience. These include:

  • Record Label Management
  • The Business & Culture of Hip Hop
  • The Business & Culture of Electronic Music
  • Festival Management
  • Touring & Live Events
  • Youth, Music & Social Change
  • Working in the Creative Industries
  • Live Sound
  • Digital Arts & Branding
  • Creative Economics
  • Consultancy & Market Research
  • Business Ethics & Music Law
  • Music & Event Futures
  • Psychology of Music
  • Culture & Society 
  • Film Studies
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Diversity in the Creative Industries 
  • Practical Learning & Teaching in the Creative Arts
  • Communication in Practice
  • Gaming Culture
  • Digital Content Creation

With options like these, there’s a wealth of career options available after graduation, such as DIY Release Manager, Live Production Manager, Publisher and/or Sync Management, Record Label Executive, A&R, Teaching, Music Academia and so much more!

BA (Hons) Event Management

Perhaps you’re a seasoned gig-goer who wants to learn how to earn a living in one of the most exciting creative industries around. Or maybe you’ve set your sights on the high stakes world of corporate event management. Whatever your career aspirations, if you’ve an interest in any sort of live event (musical or otherwise), then our BA (Hons) Event Management degree is just the course for you.

The key to a successful career in events is a blend of business acumen, practical experience and passion. That’s why our Event Management degree is a balanced mixture of all these things, focusing on core subjects such as Event Concept & Design, Events & Society, Booking & Promotion, Event Safety, Events & Tours and Marketing & PR.

Throughout this course you’ll gain access to a whole host of industry engagement opportunities at festivals, live events and BIMM’s own performance showcases and End Of Term gigs.

In addition, once you reach year two, you’ll get the chance to add a bespoke touch to your learning, with optional modules to help you hone your key focusses, or keep a varied curriculum of training to broaden your options after graduation. These include:

  • Community, Cultural & Sports Events
  • Crowd Psychology & Management 
  • Socioeconomics; Event Impact & Legacy
  • Touring & Live Events
  • Creative Video Production
  • Working in the Creative Industries 
  • Creative Commercial Events 
  • Technical Event Production
  • Globalisation
  • Culture & Society 
  • Film Studies
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Digital Arts & Branding
  • Psychology of Music
  • Consultancy & Market Research
  • And more!

Possible career routes that lay before you on completion include Band and Tour Management, Live Music Events, Event Production, Event Marketing, General Events and lots more!


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