Meet MTV Adria star and BIMM student Iva Mišović

28 November, 2016

When she’s not studying at BIMM Berlin, Iva Mišović can be found interviewing celebrities and famous musicians at festivals around the Adriatic – it’s a hard life, but someone’s got to live it.

The talented student is a presenter for MTV Adria’s fantastic ‘Summer Festival Report’ series, which is televised to viewers across the Balkan region.

Iva spent the summer interviewing top producers and musicians at festivals around Croatia and beyond, among them BBC 6 Music DJ Don Letts, superstar DJ Fedde Le Grand and legendary reggae singer, Marcia Griffiths.

Speaking to BIMM, the Serbian-born VJ revealed how the opportunity came about by after her search for summer internships:

“I asked around if MTV Adria might need an intern for the summer. Since I grew up watching MTV, it was always like a dream of mine – a very far reach, in my opinion!

Iva, who studies Music Business at BIMM, was later called into a meeting with the channel after impressing MTV Adria’s producers with her outstanding CV! It’s fair to say Iva has stolen the show on MTV Adria – her star-studded interviewees also extend to international musicians and homegrown stars.

Aside from her presenting duties, Iva is also responsible for creating content for the show, writing her own questions and even planning each script. The presenter gushed about her close relationship with MTV Adria –  a close connection that will no doubt stand her in good stead after BIMM:

“They’re kind of like family now; I go to the office even when I don’t work just because I love the atmosphere and I love checking in on them. Whenever they call me for a new project, I’m always in on the adventure.”

We asked Iva about growing up in Serbia’s chic and stylish capital of Belgrade, known for its 24/7 party atmosphere and culture. She told us:

“It has two million people, so it’s not small, but we have this illusion that it IS (small) because somehow you’re always connected to someone through someone else. Belgrade is all about coffee dates and night-life – it’s very alive. Most things work 24/7, and people are always up for an adventure. Some people joke how it’s known as Berlin 2.0.”

On life at BIMM, Iva explained how her second year had given her a chance to explore other departments and subjects in order to find out more about the industry:

“It’s exciting to constantly have something new to learn, since the music industry is a very broad spectrum.”

We can’t wait to see more of Iva on MTV Adria. In the meantime, check out the highlights from series 4 of ‘Summer Festival Report’ below.

Summer Festival Report – Best Of Season 4 from MTV Adria.

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