Lisa Oribasi secures Swiss Christmas ad campaign

22 November, 2017

BIMM London student Lisa Oribasi has been chosen to perform a track being featured on Coop’s Christmas advertising campaign. We caught up with the third-year Vocals student to discover how this opportunity arose and how she’s feeling about having her vocals featured on the Swiss equivalent of the John Lewis advert.

Needless to say, Lisa’s vocals will be reaching a huge audience, giving her already promising solo career a well-received boost.

The opportunity came about when Lisa was asked to submit a demo to a Swiss production company alongside a handful of other Swiss singers, for a new secret project. Soon after it was submitted, the CEO of Coop immediately got in touch with news Lisa’s performance was exactly what the company was looking for. She explains what this opportunity means to her:

“It’s unbelievable to say I am the first independent Swiss artist to sing the Coop commercial. I am extremely thankful and I have to say: Christmas came early for me. Very early. Coop is the retail store my mum goes grocery shopping, where me and my three siblings do the groceries, where my friends, my neighbours go shopping. It’s literally THE Coop. I feel extremely blessed, my heart is full.”

The synchronisation of the track with such a high profile ad campaign has the potential to help pave the way to bigger and better things for Lisa’s career in music.

In addition to the Christmas ad (which is now available on Coop’s Facebook page) – there’s also a full-length music video to the song “Memories” on their Youtube channel. The song can be purchased on iTunes and Apple Music and the track is currently play-listed on several main swiss radio stations.

Besides focussing on promoting the advert and flying back and forth from London to Switzerland, Lisa is also focussing on releasing more music. “Cherry Tree”, another of her original tracks, was recently featured on the BIMM Album, and an acoustic version will be available soon on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and other online platforms.

Next, Lisa will focus on recording and self-producing her first album as part of her third-year creative project.

If you’re interested in studying on a course like Lisa’s, or you’re just interested to read more about BIMM, you can find more information, here.

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