Jim Williams Nominated for Cesar Award

23 February, 2018

As a Professional Musicianship lecturer who has long been associated with BIMM Brighton, it is with great pride and excitement that we announce Jim Williams‘ nomination for a César Award.

The awards ceremony, which takes place on March 2nd and is the French equivalent of the Oscars, sees Jim receiving a nomination as the composer for the soundtrack to French-Belgian horror/drama “Grave” (or “Raw” in English”). The full-length movie was directed by Julia Ducournau, and stars young Garance Marillier in the lead role.

For the project, Jim worked with his own Logic Pro studio set-up,supplemented by analogue outboard and analogue synthesisers. The process also included some additional sessions with a string section recorded on Pro Tools in another studio. He explains a little about the process.

The film is about transformation and the techniques and style of composition that I use worked well for this kind of narrative. The director approached me based on my previous work – I was blown away by the film – and it was a privilege to score it.”

Watch the trailer here – viewer discretion is advised.

As a lecturer who is known among students and alumni for his guitar skills, it may come as a surprise to discover that Jim’s history is dotted with compositional scoring work.  

“I’ve been writing music to picture all through my adult career, though a portfolio musician like myself moves to where the action is. Depending on the climate of the industry, I’ve moved from scoring to session work to songwriting to teaching to production and back again.”

Jim’s experience serves to highlight the importance of adaptability in the music industry, which is a key message across many of our courses.


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