Jamiroquai Rhythm Section Masterclass

14 October, 2014

Bassist Paul Turner and guitarist Rob Harris have clocked up a combined 25 years as acclaimed stars of one of the world’s biggest funk bands, Jamiroquai, as well as playing for and recording with legends such as Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry, Robbie Williams, George Michael, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Gary Numan.

The Masterclass was fully booked in record time, with 50 students getting to hear Rob and Paul play several famous Jamiroquai tracks – with the help of talented BA2 student Aaron Haigh on drums – as well as receiving invaluable advice from both musicians. They spoke about their amazing experiences in the music industry, including their history in the studio and on tour with Jamiroquai.

Rob and Paul also gave tips to students on technique. They revealed how to create functional, interesting and balanced parts that work with individual styles of music, chatted about how to react with other instruments and focus on nuances that make a good part really work and gave advice on developing part-embellishment while retaining your discipline.

The Masterclass was a huge success with the students. Sean Owens, of BA2 Guitar, loved it:

“I had an excellent time. It was very productive and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot, as I always do at Masterclasses. The guys from Jamiroquai are incredible players and I feel like it’s rubbed off on me a bit and now I want to go home and practice.”

Wes Preuss, also of BA2 Guitar, was just as enthusiastic:

“It was insane. The playing was really tight and it gave us a good look at playing tight and adaptability when playing big gigs – it was just quality.”

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