Introducing BIMM Masters Degrees

New for 2019/20

BIMM is delighted to announce the addition of two innovative Masters Degrees to its already varied range of courses. These brand new study options are available in our London and Brighton campuses only and the highest level of qualification available at BIMM Institute, offering BA (Hons) Degree graduates the opportunity to take their education to the next level.  

So, what are the benefits of a Masters Degree for prospective post-graduates? Well, an MA qualification adds significantly increased employment potential within specific fields of the music industry, such as:

  • Tuition within further and higher education
  • Creative academia
  • Music business
  • Academic research within a range of fields

Our two Masters Degrees are also flexible. Options include two years part-time for working professionals, or one year full-time for those interested in accelerated learning.

This is because we understand how a higher level of study can be difficult to balance with existing employment commitments. So, our new courses have been designed with flexibility in mind; giving applicants a choice on how their studies are structured.

One of our new courses – MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries – even features two separate pathways: an ‘Early Career’ pathway and an ‘Experienced Educator’ pathway, making them suitable for both new and established music-based teachers.

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Our new courses

This course caters for those looking to enter a career of teaching for the first time. It’s also designed for experienced educators wanting to broaden their knowledge and skills within the field of creative arts education at Further Education and Higher Education levels.

It aims to enable teachers – both new and experienced – to engage in a process of critical and collaborative learning, with a specific focus on creative subjects.

Through a balance of expert tuition and self-guided study, students will learn to analyse their key interests, beliefs and values to develop knowledge in areas such as:

  • Learning and teaching practices
  • Instructional and curricular design
  • Assessment and feedback practices
  • Learning theory and psychology
  • Creative and experiential approaches to learning
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Critical theory and education in society
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leading and innovating in education
Progression Route

On successful completion of this course, graduates will be qualified to work as teaching practitioners, administrators and leaders in the field of creative arts education.

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This course is innovative in its design as it offers four named specialist pathways: entrepreneurship, performance, production and composition, making it suitable for candidates specialising in a wide range of fields.

Drawing on contemporary research in the field of popular music practice, this MA encourages students to explore their own interest in areas such as:

  • Popular musicology
  • Performance and composition as research
  • Music industry and entrepreneurship research
  • Research in the application of technologies to practice

Students will be supported to explore their own areas of interest, applying a theoretical lens to their own and others’ professional practice within the broad field of popular music.

Progression Route

Graduates will be qualified to work as advanced practitioners or educators/researchers within the field of popular music practice and related creative industries.

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“Two highly innovative and unique masters degrees”. 

Dr Mark Irwin, Dean of Learning, Teaching and Research at BIMM and also Head of the BIMM Institute Postgraduate School who has been a key figure in the design and implementation of both of our MA courses, said:

We have been working on plans to develop our educational provision at postgraduate level and we are delighted to be in the position to launch for 2019-20 two highly innovative and unique masters degrees. These degrees will play to the strengths of BIMM, providing fantastic opportunities for participants to explore their own practice within the creative industries in areas such as entrepreneurship, performance, music production, composition and education.”

If you’re interested in discovering more about our brand new MA courses, such as module breakdowns, entry criteria and in-depth course structures, you can discover more by clicking the relevant link.



POSTED ON: April 24, 2019
  • Global, Academic Team