Channel 4 Sync for BIMM Bristol Lecturer

26 June, 2018

Kayla Painter, our Songwriting course leader at BIMM Bristol, recently received BBC Radio 1 airplay with her brand new collaborative project, ‘Glaslyn’, as well as having their debut single featured on Channel 4’s popular television series, ‘Humans’.  

Comprised of experimental composer, producer and ‘soundscaper’ Kayla and Cardiff-based acoustic singer songwriter Al Lewis, Glaslyn have pushed the boundaries of their own creative identities and created a unique sonic blend which allows their genres to intertwine. Together they’ve explored new avenues within their songwriting and written songs which neither would have written alone. Check out the video for the debut single, ‘Out Of My Control’, below. 

Shortly before its official release, the track received airplay on Huw Stevens’ Leeds Festival Preview special on BBC Radio 1, and a little over a week later, the band announced on their social media feeds that the song was to be featured in Channel 4’s hit series ‘Humans’.

Media ‘syncs’ such as this are becoming increasingly important for independent artists as a way of pushing their music to a wider audience who otherwise may never have heard them, whilst augmenting their income streams via royalty collection companies like PRS For Music.

“When you work on music, you never know how it’s going to be received.” Said Kayla.

“When Al and I started writing together, I felt we were writing something really special, but until you put it out there you don’t know what sort of reaction it is going to get! So, for our first single to be picked up by Channel 4’s show ‘Humans’ you can imagine we were over the moon. For our first track to get that kind of exposure is a really good sign and we are enjoying writing some more music to release soon.”

With their fresh creative blend, Glaslyn are bridging the gap between folk, pop and electronica and writing material which draws on a varied collection of influences such as The Postal Service, Thom Yorke, Laurie Anderson, James Blake and St Vincent. 

It’s fantastic that our Songwriting students receive tuition from active and successful artists like Kayla and we’re extremely pleased Glaslyn have experienced such a strong start to their collaboration.

You can stay up to date with Glaslyn news and releases via their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you’re interested in studying at BIMM Bristol under Kayla Painter’s expert songwriting tuition, CLICK HERE, and begin your journey towards a career in music.  

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