BIMM students busk for the #LoveBristol campaign

2 June, 2021

As part of the city’s #LoveBristol campaign, buskers from BIMM Institute Bristol welcomed people back to the city centre by playing underneath lyrics from famous love songs.

Each musician played under a set of pink lyrics from artists such as The Beatles, Elton John and Bob Marley. The lyrics now hang in King Street, Cabot Circus, Queen’s Road, Broadmead, Park Street and Corn Street and will be there throughout the summer.

The #LoveBristol campaign stems from Bristol City Centre Business Improvement Centre (BID) alongside Visit Bristol, Business West, Cabot Circus and Broadmead BID, and partnership with the One City Economic Board and Bristol City Council. It follows on from their popular Hearts in Parks and Bristol ADVENTures campaigns. Visitors can enjoy the campaign further by listening to an accompanying Spotify playlist created by Visit Bristol.

We caught up with two of the buskers, who both attend BIMM Bristol. Jodie Mellor and Gabriel Templar had this to say:

If you could start by telling me a little more about the day, what you did and why?

JM: I spent the morning performing on King Street as part of the #loveBristol campaign, filming a cover of ‘Friday, I’m In Love’ for their campaign video as well as busking under the street signs. BIMM artists performed across the city throughout the day, singing the love songs corresponding to each installation. It was such a cool concept!

Can you tell us any more about the #loveBristol campaign?

JM: The #loveBristol campaign involved installing 20 pink love song lyrics across the city centre to celebrate the next stage of the city reopening. The streets were filled with buskers, and as we have all missed live music and performing during the lockdown, it was the perfect way to celebrate.

GT: It aims to encourage people to come back to the city centre as we gradually come out of lockdown to support shops and businesses affected by the pandemic.

What importance does busking have to the music scene in Bristol?

JM: Bristol is such a music-filled city, and one of my favourite parts of exploring the centre is hearing music from buskers wherever you go. It adds so much to the music scene, and I love spotting the same artists and hearing them perform.

GT: It’s filled with musicians, venues, events and more. Buskers will always be found in the centre of Bristol whether it’s a sunny day or raining. Having Music performed everywhere you go brings people together and makes Bristol one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in England.

Have you ever busked before? If so, what was your experience like?

JM: This was actually my first busking experience and my first performance back after the lockdown! I was nervous, but the Bristol people were so kind and welcoming, and it was incredible to see so many smiles from people, despite the rain! I will definitely be busking more now and can’t wait to explore the city’s installations.

GT: I’ve busked many times in and around Bristol, and each experience is different yet always enjoyable. Some of my best busking experiences have been when I’ve performed in bad weather, as I can see the impact it has on people who aren’t enjoying the rain. Busking puts smiles on the faces of people walking by, boosts their morale and brightens their day. It’s a phenomenal sensation. When I was younger, I used to busk in Wells (Somerset) on my own with an acoustic guitar. But since becoming a student in Bristol, I’ve been able to busk with my band in the centre of Bristol on many occasions, and it’s one of the most incredible experiences as a musician!

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