BIMM People Know Their Pop Music

1 April, 2015

No surprise to find that BIMM people know their pop music. A recent music quiz saw Brighton lecturers, Kieron Pepper, Andy McClure and Jake Shillingford, who, with Sister Ray Records’ Phil Barton are known as Legs and Co, take on the undeniably sharp set of stat crazy rock swots who made up some seriously knowledgable teams at a packed Brunswick pub in Hove.

Having won a third Brazil-styled third victory in December (Beating Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’  Cook’s Skint Records team) Legs and Co were hosts for this new hotly contested competition. Their December win the meant they took home a sorry looking plastic effigy of a microphone, which now has pride of place on Phil’s mantelpiece!

A particularly taxing anagram and ‘guess the sample’ round from Kieron Pepper was preceded by general buffoonery from Phil Barton and a genuinely challenging James Bond movie lyric round from Jake Shillingford – BIMM Brighton’s Head of Songwriting and frontman with the amazing My Life Story. The highlight of the evening was Andy McClure actually lugging in a full size drum kit and delighting the competing teams with his ‘guess the drum fill’ round.

Other competitors included Republic of Music, Under 13 Artists, Brighton Electric, Believe Digital, Jalapeño Records, Brighton Music Conference and The Soundworks.

Which One’s Pink? (Tony Shepherd, Steve Hillier, Andy Bray and Paul Williams) were formidable opponents who fought hard, particularly against the valiant Legs – to take home a newly designed trophy. Source Whisperers made second place — no mean feat in a quiz that has become a Brighton legend of sorts.

A really great night, and a well deserved pint or three for the winners- and just about everybody else!

Former winners of this ‘fun first’ Brighton institution include teams from First Column Management, Raygun Management, Fairsound Management, Republic of Music, Wonderland Management, Altmark Creative and, of course, BIMM.

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