BIMM Manchester Spinning Around After Kylie Band Masterclass

28 November, 2014

If you’re Kylie Minogue — one of the world’s biggest pop stars, with a string of instantly-recognisable hits — then it’s essential that your live band comprises the most talented musicians around.

BIMM Manchester is always looking to bring in the best, most talented guests, and when we asked three key members of Kylie’s live band to hold a very special masterclass for our students, we couldn’t have brought in a better team.

Bassist Dishan Abrahams, Drummer Tom Meadows and guitarist Luke Fitton have been performing with the Australian pop legend all over the world, and we were really pleased that all three incredibly experienced and talented musicians found the time to visit BIMM Manchester.

They were very happy to share their broad knowledge with our talented young students, and the trio shared all sorts of unique info: from on-the-road travel tips to playing techniques.

Dishan, Tom and Luke discussed and dissected some of the Kylie tracks that they’ve been playing on tour, and demonstrated and helped the students develop their live skills; they then answered some of the students’ questions.

Year one Bass student Joe Henderson was really impressed by the advice they shared, and gained new respect for musicians performing in all genres, saying:

“I thought that, in a pop band, the musicians played quite simple parts… until I saw Dishan play bass and how technical it can be as well. I learned that you’ve got to be very versatile with your technique.”

The opportunity to learn this kind of essential information at sessions like these is just one of the advantages of attending BIMM, where we’re always looking to connect our students with the best in the business. Of course there’s no doubt that Dishan, Tom and Luke all certainly belong in that bracket; thanks so much for dropping into BIMM Manchester!

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