BIMM Institute Brighton announces partnership with Shelter Hall

30 June, 2021

We’re ecstatic to see gigs and the live industry starting to return to normal. And with no signs of slowing down, we’ve teamed up with Shelter Hall for ‘Shelter Hall Introduces’: providing exclusive opportunities for our students to perform at this exciting new venue.

Opening only a few months ago, Shelter Hall is a unique pop-up food market that brings together an eclectic line-up of Brighton’s best food and drinks brands under one roof. Now, our students have the chance to take part in these exclusive showcase sessions.

‘Shelter Hall Introduces’ x
BIMM Institute

‘Shelter Hall Introduces’ will showcase some of the best performers BIMM Institute Brighton has to offer. The new scheme will serve as a platform for promising young talent to kick-start their music career and perform at a live venue in front of an audience. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to co-host an event, perform and offer a hand at live sound tech. The monthly sessions start on 6th July and will continue until September.

AudioActive, a Brighton-based music charity leading the way in youth music, will also provide billing for ‘Shelter Hall Introduces’. Chosen acts will then be given an opportunity to perform at Shelter Hall’s weekly Sunday Sessions, one of the venue’s busiest days.

Not only is Shelter Hall the location to discover new food concepts, it also provides an innovative platform for emerging artists to introduce their music. This is where they can showcase their creativity to local audiences and tourists.

“The Shelter Hall team has created a fantastic space for them to showcase their creativity.”

– Andy Maclure, Head of Careers and Artist Development, BIMM Institute Brighton.

Andy Maclure, Head of Careers and Artist Development at BIMM Institute Brighton is excited about this new partnership, saying:

“We’re thrilled to be helping our students launch Shelter Hall x BIMM Introduces. It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase original talent from BIMM and to be planning live music after so long feels amazing. The Shelter Hall team has created a fantastic space for them to showcase their creativity and we can’t wait to get started.”

Suze Rosser, Head of Music at Shelter Hall, echoed Andy’s excitement, saying:

“I’m really excited to be partnering with both BIMM and AudioActive to start the Introduces showcases. Brighton has so much undiscovered talent. Supporting local talent and giving musicians a platform to perform live is key to us at Shelter Hall and we want to help those artists get recognised any way we can.”

Make sure you come down and see the spectacle in person, and eat some of the city’s best food. You can find out more about how we work directly with the creative industries at BIMM Institute here.

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