BIMM Bristol Choir Record at Christchurch Studios

5 June, 2018

BIMM Bristol Music Production student Ollie Searle recently collaborated with vocal tutor Robert Short and the BIMM Bristol student choir to produce a recording session at Christchurch Studios.

As part of his Production Project module, the third year BA (Hons) Degree undergraduate collaborated with vocal tutor Robert Short to record an original a capella vocal piece by BIMM Bristol’s in-house choir at the renowned Christchurch Studio for inclusion in his portfolio.

The studio, which is owned by the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, was originally designed and renovated by the BBC for use as a drama studio, and features a fantastic 25ft square live room with many variable acoustic installations. With previous clients including the likes of Massive Attack, Invada Records, Big Finish, ITV, David Poore, BBC, Joanna MacGregor, The Insects and Universal Music, the space made for the perfect location in which to record rich natural vocals from the choir. 

“I wanted to expand my current portfolio by recording an a capella piece.” explained producer Searle (pictured left). “After approaching Rob Short and the BIMM Bristol Choir, it was clear that the BIMM studios were not going to be large enough to record a full choir in. Discussion with the team at BIMM Bristol led to negotiations with Christchurch Studios, resulting in something we were all happy with.”

He continued. “The idea was to let the choir have free rein to allow them to be as creative as possible. This was the first time this choir had been in a studio setting together, therefore, some changes had to be made to create an equal balance. They all took the feedback incredibly well, ending up with something we were all proud of.” 

The choir was up to the challenge and handled the day with grace and style!” Said vocal tutor and choir director Rob Short. “They exceeded expectations in every way! They were hard working, discerning, charismatic and inspirational! They are the kind of crew you’d take on tour because you trust them to get the job done! Of the two pieces we performed the choir created one of the songs from an improvisational piece we work on in class. The second piece we arranged an adaptation together from an old spiritual.”

Rob also had some kind words on the work of Ollie, the producer.

Ollie was excellent to work with! He was direct, concise and amicable! He really knew what to say to get the best out of the entire crew. His relaxed  demeanour, organisation and supportive manner made the day super fun and interesting experience for all involved!”

We’re glad this special recording session went so well and look forward to hearing the end results, which we’ll share on our website and social media streams very soon.

Photos c/o Ania Shrimpton

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