BIMM Brighton come out on top at the first-ever BIMM World Cup

21 June, 2022

To celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we decided to put on our own. The first annual (we hope) BIMM World Cup was hosted by BIMM Birmingham and nine colleges from the UK and Ireland took part.

Players from BIMM Brighton take part in the BIMM World Cup

The atmosphere was electric and as the competition kicked off, there was a positive, competitive spirit throughout. The teams that took part were:

The final was a hard-fought match-up between two footballing heavyweights, BIMM Birmingham graduates and BIMM Brighton, with the latter taking a 2-1 lead and, ultimately, victory.

Captain of the BIMM Brighton football team and vocals student, Cam Taylor had this to say:

“It was a great day in Birmingham and it was nice to meet students from other campuses, but most importantly, it was so good to win the tournament. Very proud of every player we brought to Birmingham, would love to do it again.”

BIMM Brighton football players stood together for photo

Team manager of BIMM Brighton football team and BIMM student mentor Sophie Frost added:

“An exciting day with an early start for BIMM Brighton. Over a year of training and it showed; we were ready to go. After our win, we left with a coach full of energetic players and returned with high vibes and a belting chorus of “We Are the Champions”! The joy and pride beamed out as they accepted the trophy. We were victorious! Such a fantastic opportunity to finally meet other campuses and mingle as BIMM students. Our team is determined to keep up their play and look forward to more football events.”

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