Alanna Burrows Donates Song to Oxfam Refugee Appeal

11 January, 2016

Alanna Burrows is currently enjoying her first year studying Songwriting at BIMM Bristol.

Recently, Alanna was so moved by the refugee crisis that she knew she wanted to do something to help, so she has released an original song named ‘Winter’ to help raise funds for the Oxfam Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Alanna told us a bit about the song:

I wrote the song ‘Winter’ in Cornwall a few winters ago. At the time I was studying a degree in Environmental Geography and I still maintain a passion about the natural world, so nature is a key theme throughout this song… ‘Winter’ tries to re-engage people with the beauty of the world and the people around us, “You’ll find warmth inside the cold. Look around, look around and warmth will be found…”’

I decided in the summer before BIMM that I would release ‘Winter’ in December as a bigger arrangement. So when I arrived at BIMM I networked and collaborated with different musicians to come up with this piece. I wanted create a warm, wintery, uplifting and magical feel. Some musical influences are Sigur Rós, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes who sometimes use a wide range of instruments to invoke a particular emotion.”

The release of ‘Winter’ has indeed been a very BIMM affair. A group of twelve BIMM first-year students have worked on the song with Alanna, mixing and recording it, playing drums and French Horn, singing choral backing parts and more. Even the artwork has been designed by a BIMM student, Ruby Speight, who won a competition to come up with a sleeve idea.

Alanna told us about the Oxfam appeal that the proceeds from ‘Winter’ will be supporting:

I chose to support the Oxfam Refugee Crisis Appeal after seeing the shocking images on the news, especially of the children being washed up on beaches. It’s awful to see innocent people like children being affected by war so one day whilst walking by the quay in Bristol I decided that was the cause I wanted to support and I chose Oxfam. I feel it’s our responsibility as a global society help people in war-torn situations.”

‘Winter’ by Alanna Burrows is available to buy on both iTunes and Amazon. Let’s all support Alanna and buy ‘Winter’ —  for less than a pound! You can read more about Oxfam’s refugee actions here.

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