A look at our new Joint Honours courses

23 October, 2019

The music industry is a fast-moving, ever-shifting landscape. If you’re looking to make your mark in this competitive industry, you’ll need skills reflecting its dynamic nature. Young professionals need to be multi-skilled, with a breadth of knowledge spanning more than just one major subject. This is why BIMM is pleased to announce our very first Joint Honours Degrees.

Why Joint Honours?

We want our graduates to earn a living doing what they love most. And for many, the key to success is flexibility. Portfolio careers – multiple income streams via different jobs – are more prevalent among music professionals than ever. So it makes sense for music education to diversify too.

Our single honours degrees are still equally valid disciplines of study. Our new joint honours however, are the perfect option for students with more than one area of interest within the music industry.

Is a Joint Honours course right for me?

Take live performers as an example. The often sporadic nature of the touring lifestyle means that today’s songwriters and musicians may also need to know how to record and produce music independently. This enables them to take on other work opportunities such as online collaborations, sound design and audio engineering; all of which contributes to a continued income whenever they’re not on the road.

Likewise, today’s music producers need to be more self-sufficient than ever before. Not only do they need the creative and technical skill to be effective in the studio, they also need the contacts, acuity and industry know-how required to handle key elements of music business; such as digital distribution, self-marketing and live events promotion.

These sorts of multilayered skillsets are increasingly essential in today’s music industry, which is why we’ve consulted with over 230 industry experts (including representatives from UK Music, Spotify and Sony Music) in the creation of our brand-new courses.

Joint Honours courses available for 2020

BA (Hons) Music Production & Music Business

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance & Music Business

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance & Music Production

BA (Hons) Songwriting & Music Business

BA (Hons) Songwriting & Music Production

BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance & Songwriting

These tailor-made courses are available at each of our five UK colleges in Brighton, London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester and are weighted 50/50, meaning there’s no major subject.

Take a look at our course finder page, and scroll down to the ‘Joint Honours’ section to discover more about each course.

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