Student Enrichment

Extra-curricular Activities for BIMM students

Enrichment is sometimes referred to as ‘Extra-curricular Activities’ – in other words, things that you do outside of your main studies such as sports, clubs & societies, volunteering and short courses.

Enrichment at BIMM is an important part of your student experience. We work hard to provide a wide range of interesting activities for you to take part in and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas for activities you would like to do.


BIMM has a unique approach to creative education that stands apart from other providers, all the extra-curricular activities that we put in front of our students helps them to tailor their education to suit their journey at BIMM which ultimately shapes and enriches a more rounded educational experience.

Taking part in extra-curricular activities complements your main studies and will broaden your outlook on life. They provide new skills and experiences and contribute towards your CV.


Below are some examples of the kind of extra-curricular activities that are available to BIMM students.*

*Availability of enrichment activities will vary by each BIMM college.

Extra-curricular Activities