Toby May

Senior Lecturer, Music Production *

Toby teaches Music Production at BIMM Music Institute Brighton. He started in the recording industry as a tape op' in 2000 after graduating from Brighton University with a BA(Hons) Music with Visual Practice Degree. He cut his teath on the 24-track tape machine at Metway Studios in Brighton and learnt his trade by assisting on projects with bands including Asian Dub Foundation, The Electric Soft Parade, Clearlake, Orbital and the studio's proprietors, Levellers.

Now, as a freelance engineer and producer, Toby works across England and Europe offering services ranging from production, digital multitrack recording, editing, post-production, mixing and mastering. Recent projects include working on a latest Levellers album, recorded in studio two at Abbey Road Studios with the help of record producer John Leckie.

A decade of delivering the Studio Recording module at BIMM has offered opportunities to work in the studio with bands emerging within the college and have taken on an active production role when crafting the annual BIMM albums each year.

* Freelance lecturer
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