Paul Ablett

Lecturer, Music Business *

Paul teaches Music Business at BIMM Music Institute London. He has worked in the music industry for 37 years, starting out as a singer and saxophonist in a post-punk band called Bee Vamp. He went on to manage a number of signed bands from Carmel in the ’80s to Morcheeba and Earthling in the ’90s during the Trip-Hop era.

In the 'noughties' he worked with Dot Allison, Brand New Heavies and The Ghost Frequency. In the late 80’s Paul became a respected music journalist, covering House, Hip Hop and Dancehall, interviewing the likes of Ice Cube, Frankie Knuckles and Snoop Dogg among others.

He wrote for The Observer (magazine), The Face, Mixmag, starting out with the now seminal dance magazine, Soul Underground. More recently he has been working with a DIY band called HAVVK and mentoring new artists.

* Freelance lecturer
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