Jeff Thompson

Deputy Course Leader, Music Business

Jeff is the Deputy Course Leader for Music Business at BIMM Music Institute Manchester. He is the co-founder of Un-Convention – a UK-based global music network and development agency established in 2008, which organises music events across five continents, aimed specifically at the grass roots of the industry. Through its events and projects, Un-Convention brings together artists, labels, promoters and other practitioners from all levels of the industry to share knowledge and expertise, and in turn looks to develop new and innovative approaches to building sustainable careers and alternative models for the music industries.

As a result, Jeff’s current work includes a long-term music project with young people in Manchester, the development of a number of music co-operatives in Africa, and a revolutionary new UK-based touring model called Off Axis. On top of this, Jeff also runs a number of independent record labels in Manchester, including Fat Northerner Records.

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