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A 1-year part-time diploma available at:

This one-year practical and vocational course is ideal if you want to further your musical abilities on a part-time basis of 4.5 hours a week.

At BIMM Dublin, we understand that live performance is the key to you becoming a great musician. So, you’ll spend a lot of time working on your techniques and styles to help you develop and find your niche as a performer.

You’ll receive expert guidance from your highly skilled BIMM lecturers, all of whom have had vast experience in music industry and songwriting while continuing to be a part of the business today.

You’ll also study music theory and the fundamental skills required to read and perform music notation

BIMM Songwriting student performing live

This one-year programme aims to develop your performance skills at the same time as progressing your songwriting and goals.

At BIMM Dublin, we also understand that live performance is the key to you becoming a great musician, so you’ll spend a lot of time on stage to help you develop and find your niche as a songwriter/performer.

You’ll also further hone your skills by receiving tuition in techniques, music theory, DAW study and styles across a wide range of genres from, folk to funk. The diploma is musically challenging, providing the perfect balance between practical and technical skills. You’ll be part of a creative community of gifted writers, performers and music industry professionals who you can collaborate and network with to help bring your talent to life.

Life at BIMM will stretch you as a musician and performer. It will also inspire you as a fan, as you attend unique Masterclasses with some of the best players and musicians in the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to audition for the BIMM Album and termly BIMM gigs.

So, what are you waiting for? To make your way as a musician, connect with us and we’ll connect you to a life in music.

BIMM students creating, songwriting and guitar

Course specification

Mode of attendance: Part-time

Length of course: 1 year

Awarding institution: BIMM University

Campus delivery: Dublin

Language of study: English

Final award and exit awards: 60 CATS Credits (Equivalent to 30 ECTS Credits)

Admissions Criteria: Successful completion of one module at Level 5. This is equivalent to one O6 (formerly one Ordinary Level D3) in any subject at Leaving Cert.

Minimum requirements

The minimum entry requirement is the successful completion of one module at Level 5. This is equivalent to one O6 (formerly one Ordinary Level D3) in any subject at Leaving Cert.

Applicants must be 17 on 1st January in the year of entry. All applicants are made directly to BIMM Music Institute Dublin. All applicants must also attend an audition to determine their eligibility for the course.

Overseas students where English is not their native language must meet a minimum English language requirement of IELTS 6.0. We require a minimum of 5.5 to be achieved in each band.


Graduates can progress directly to a career in the music industry or can continue their study with BA (Hons) Commercial Modern Music in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals or Songwriting at BIMM Music Institute.

Course fees

Because we’re Europe’s largest and most prestigious music institute, we’re uniquely positioned to offer outstanding value and quality to all our students.

Module names and structure may be subject to change.

The module is designed to afford students the opportunity to develop their songwriting analysis skills and broaden their knowledge of a wide range of musical styles, with specific focus on the songwriting techniques used when creating and performing original songs. These are skills that are invaluable to anyone wishing to create enduring and moving song material.

The module will be delivered in two sessions each week, focusing respectively on songwriting techniques and live performance. Lecture-based classes will explore elements of ‘songcraft’, such as harmonic progression, melodic contour, lyric creation, rhythmic lyrical structure, song form and song structural dynamic, with a focus on industry-relevant professional songwriting skills.

Students will then have an opportunity to apply these techniques and realise original compositions in a Group Performance Workshop session, where they will receive lecturer and peer feedback on their work. Study in this module should not be considered in isolation but will be most effective and authentic when informed by, and referenced against, study in the Song Stylistics and Creative Music Theory modules.

Many successful writers working within the industry have not only developed their own unique personal approach to writing, but also have a robust understanding of working in a variety of musical styles.

In this module the student will have the opportunity to explore specific composition and arrangement techniques when working in a wide range of genres. This will enable them to more fully understand the process and mechanics of songwriting, while also informing the development of their own songwriting style.

This module is designed to support songwriters in further developing their knowledge and skills relating to the live performance for their original songs. Lecture-based classes focus on how arrangement, instrumentation, dynamic range, song form, structure, and performance approach. This learning is then applied in group performance workshops, where students implement arrangement and performance techniques, and have the opportunity to give and receive peer and lecturer feedback.

The Module culminates in a summative assessment, evaluating a Live Song Arrangement Performance for one song, in the context of the Module’s Learning Outcomes.

The module is designed to afford students the opportunity to develop Live Arrangement skills and broaden their knowledge of a wide range of musical styles and approaches. These are skills that are invaluable to anyone wanting to present song material live.

An understanding of fundamental music theory concepts will enable students to better understand the mechanics of what they are playing and how it fits within a creative musical context. It will also allow students to communicate more confidently with other musicians and allow them to articulate their musical ideas more concisely. An introduction to these concepts will enable students to further explore their compositional creativity by revealing potential harmonic and rhythmic possibilities which may have been previously unexplored.

The ability to navigate the world of Digital Audio recording is an essential part of the modern musician’s skillset. Over the course of this module, you will learn how to set-up a virtual recording ‘session’, create high-quality audio and virtual instruments recordings, and manipulate these recordings quickly and effectively. You will be encouraged to apply these skills to original writing, enhanced by knowledge acquired in the Music Theory component of the module.

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