Gaetan Judd


BIMM London alumnus Gaetan Judd has already had a promising start to his career, since leaving in 2018 - working with artists including Samm Henshaw, Ray BLK and Burna Boy (to name just a few) and performing on Later… With Jools Holland.

The talented guitarist, songwriter and producer, who found his vocation when playing in church, is inspired by R&B, Gospel and African influences.

Gaetan’s first professional gig was with singer/songwriter Samm Henshaw (who’s been chosen by James Bay and Chance The Rapper to tour with them). As childhood friends, Gaetan says it was a ‘blessing’ to play for Samm, shortly after he signed for Columbia Records, and still regularly plays in his band - even performing on Later… With Jools Holland.

“I grew up with three of the band members and we’d always speak about certain TV shows or festivals we’d love to play so doing that  [playing on Later… With Jools Holland] with my brothers was amazing,”

Gaetan was due to be on a world tour with Nigerian songwriter, singer and rapper Burna Boy, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this has been cancelled. Instead, he’s busy grafting in the studio, producing and writing songs. He’s also been working on Samm Henshaw’s new album, expected to be released late 2020/early 2021.

His top advice for young musicians? “Don’t drop out of uni regardless of if you get a big gig with a signed artist or get handed a publishing or recording deal. The music industry is so cutthroat that anything can change at any moment. Get your degree.”

Photo credit: Sanaa Abstrakt

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