BA (Hons) Music Business


This course aims to nurture your creative flair while developing core skills as a music business entrepreneur across a wide range of subject areas. You’ll be offered opportunities to build your knowledge of the industry while developing innovative ideas in the context of our city’s uniquely proactive and inspiring music business culture.

Our well-connected tutors will guide and support you through the teaching of professional development, project management and business skills across areas such as artist management, marketing, music publishing, copyright legislation, the internet, social media, the live industry, music recording and distribution. You’ll also have the opportunity to access work experience opportunities that will develop your ‘hands-on’ industry knowledge through placements and internships with a wide range of music-focused employers. Or be supported in entrepreneurial ventures of your own design.

Bristol’s best gigs, musicians and venues will be right on your doorstep to help enhance your understanding of what the music business is all about. You’ll also be a part of our thriving BIMM community mixing with gifted writers, performers, alumni and music industry professionals. You never know – with all this talent, you could discover the next big thing right here!

So, what are you waiting for? To make your way in the music business, connect with us, and we’ll connect you to a life in music.

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We recommend that BA (Hons) Music Business students bring a laptop or iPad device with wireless capabilities in with them to lessons for in-class research and other tasks.

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Year 1

All students take the following mandatory modules in their first year of study. Module names and structure may be subject to change.


    Behind every major live event, there’s a mastermind pulling the strings – and this module introduces all the skills you’ll need to bring the most ambitious extravaganza to life. Expect a solid grounding in topics including project management, promotion, budgeting, artist liaison, tour routing, staging, logistics and safety, as you become an industry professional with the confidence to handle every aspect of the live domain.


    Whether you’re stood at the mixing desk or working behind the scenes, it pays to have a watertight knowledge of how live sound is created. This module will get you clued-up and confident, revealing the scientific principles of sound and electrical signals, and inviting you to roll up your sleeves in real-world live situations, getting hands-on with PA systems and professional audio technicians.


    You’ve got the vision – now build the industry savvy and practical skills that will help you thrive as an independent entrepreneur. We’ll walk you through the structure of the modern industry – and where your project could fit within it – while bringing you up to speed on the skills that drive your business, from intellectual property, funding, budgeting and human resources to tax, insurance and business planning/operations.


    With the web impacting on every area of the music business, smart professionals study that complex relationship and learn how to benefit from it. This module takes the pulse of the digital age, getting you up to speed on topics like online investment and crowd funding, digital rights management and piracy, big data and cloud computing, social media and social networking, digital distribution and streaming.


    As an industry professional, you’ll be expected to collaborate successfully with a stream of musicians, producers and songwriters. This module is where you’ll gain your management chops, developing the critical listening that helps you to identify commercially viable musicians, the interpersonal skills to unlock their potential and the industry knowledge to knock on the right doors and bypass the gatekeepers.


    The music industry is changing at lightning pace, but our expert tutors can give you up-to-the-minute insight into how the business really works – and how you stake your claim in it. Get ready to build a complete skill-set, as you master topics like digital music companies, new opportunities online, music distribution, royalty collection, music publishing, artist management, recording contracts, music law and synchronisation – while learning the study skills that will help you get the most from your time at BIMM.

Year 2

All students take the following mandatory modules in their second year of study. Module names and structure may be subject to change.


    As an industry professional, you’ll need stellar research skills for a thousand different scenarios, from gauging international markets to delivering viable business plans. This module reveals the best methods of gathering accurate data in the digital age, without wasting time or resources. It’s a great practical skill for your career ahead – and invaluable preparation for the Year 3 Professional Project.


    In the modern era, music is as likely to be recorded using a DAW-based home setup as a commercial studio, and can be distributed in endless formats – from streaming to vinyl – that each require a unique engineering skill-set. Whether you’re a musician or an entrepreneur, this module shows you how a bulletproof grasp of engineering practice, recording technology and distribution methods is invaluable, ensuring that you bring the right sound to the right market.


    To know where music is headed, you need to understand where it’s been. This dynamic module leads you through the unfolding history of popular music and the industry, showing how art and business have been shaped by society, economics and technology. You’ll not only gain a watertight knowledge of the pivotal events, releases, labels and artists – but a clear vision of how you’ll write the next chapter.


    BIMM’s industry contacts mean your course will take you far beyond the teaching room. Expect to back up the theory with your Work Based Learning project (WBL), diving into a placement at a market-leading company, developing real-work business chops, making contacts in the corridors of power and boosting your future employability. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you’ll turn your entrepreneurial spark into a tangible skill-set.


    To make your business fly, you’ll need a watertight knowledge of the marketing and communications channels that can get the word out. This module is your opportunity to explore proven marketing theories and approaches – from the traditional to the revolutionary – then fuse them into your own strategy and ensure your projects achieve lift-off.


    Whether you write the songs, represent an artist or aspire to a full-time role in the publishing industry, it pays to understand the mechanics of this crucial strand of the industry. This module is your complete guide to the theory and realities, covering copyright, collection societies and the countless platforms – including radio, film, TV and the web – where modern songwriters can profit.

Year 3

All students take the following mandatory modules in their third year of study. Module names and structure may be subject to change.


    The Professional Project is the culmination of your three years at BIMM. Your tutors will give you all the theory and concepts you need for a flying start, but it’s down to you to dream up and deliver a project that shows what you’ve learnt during your music business course. Whether you choose to launch your own event or form your own start-up company – the Professional Project is your chance to think big.


    As an industry professional, you’ll be responsible for steering your own career – so it’s vital to become self-sufficient and assess the areas that could hold you back. On the Professional Development module, we’ll help you identify your own personal and business needs, and teach the skills you’ll call on throughout your career, from stress control and teamwork to goal-setting and time management.


    Music doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and to be an effective industry professional, it pays to sharpen your knowledge of popular culture and business developments. This module teaches you to look critically at the culture and industry unfolding around you, take the pulse of the modern music scene – then fuse what you’ve learnt into your own entrepreneurial projects.


    When the music industry makes its next quantum leap, we make sure that BIMM students are leading the charge. In this module, you’ll put an ear to the ground and explore the future development of web-based distribution and promotion, backed up with cutting-edge knowledge of social media, data collection, online promotion, international e-commerce, convergence and analytics.


    You’ve already mastered the entry-level skills on your Concert/Event Promotion and Tour Management module. Now dig deep and get your hands dirty with this practical exploration of music-related events and music festival management. It’s the ideal preparation for the live music elements of your final Professional Project – and a springboard into your career to come.

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Minimum requirements

Minimum of 2 A Levels at grade C or above (64 points) or BTEC Level 3 equivalent. Plus five GCSEs at a minimum grade of C/4, including English Language. Overseas students where English is not their native language must meet a minimum English language requirement of IELTS 6.5. We require a minimum of 6.0 to be achieved in each band.

After this course:


Graduates can progress directly to employment in the music industry in entrepreneurial areas such as artist management, A&R, events, marketing, media law, merchandising, music publishing, journalism and tour management. Alternatively, they can continue their studies with a BIMM Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching or a Masters Degree.

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Course Specification

Mode of attendance:
Length of course:
3 years
Awarding institution:
University of Sussex
Teaching institution:
BIMM Bristol
UCAS code:
Language of study:
Final award:
Certificate of Higher Education (exit award only at level 4), Diploma of Higher Education (exit award only at level 5), Bachelors Degree with Honours.
Admissions criteria:
Minimum of 2 A Levels at grade C or above (64 points) or BTEC Level 3 equivalent. Plus five GCSEs at a minimum grade of C/4, including English Language. Overseas students where English is not their native language must meet a minimum English language requirement of IELTS 6.5. We require a minimum of 6.0 to be achieved in each band.

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