Ellen O'Reilly

Bass Lecturer

Since the day she switched from guitar to bass aged 17, Ellen O’Reilly has been one of the busiest bassists around. Combined with a powerful lead vocal, this has made her a go-to musician for live, recording and TV work alike.

Hailing from Drogheda on Ireland’s east coast, Ellen had built up an impressive CV in her native country, appearing on Irish TV shows like Class Act and Podge and Rodge, playing with numerous Irish artists, and gaining extensive live performance experience.

Ellen began appearing at the Ernieball/Musicman stand at the London Bass Guitar Show from 2012-2017, demoing solo and also performing as part of a trio. Aside from her solid bass playing, Ellen gained notoriety for her powerful vocals and toured with artists such as Sarah Harding (Girls aloud), Dona Oxford and Erika among others. This led to her touring Europe, the far east and appearances on many UK TV shows. She has been the house bassist on ‘Londons’ Toughest Gig’ at the House of Song Venues for many years, whereby the band play only requests in any key, which has developed her ear and repertoire to the impressive level it is at today.

She is also a writer and educator, teaching at the BIMM universities, Trinity Rock and Pop Syllabuses and writing for Bass Guitar Magazine. Ellen has also been featured in BGM’s 154th issue, speaking candidly about her musical history and the man who started it all, her father Patrick.

  • Brighton, Bass